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Hutton Roof Fell Race 2008

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Hutton Roof Crags Fell Race May 24th 2008 - winner Craig Roberts

Craig Roberts 2008 winner

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Westmorland Gazette Report


Name Club Time Prize
1 Craig Roberts (V40) Kendal 48.29 Cup + voucher
2 Darren Kaye Horwich 49.24 Cup + voucher
3 Tom Addison Helm Hill 50.00 Voucher
4 Danny Parkinson Kendal 50.38 Voucher
5 Paul Dugdale (V40) Kendal 50.40 Voucher
VETERAN O/40        
1 Gary Thorpe Kendal ACAmbleside 51.32 Voucher
2 Ian Greenwood Claton 53.32 Voucher
3 Quentin Harding Bowland 54.27  
VETERAN O/50        
1 Ken Taylor (1st V60) Rossendale 56.28  
VETERAN O/60        
1 Dave Tait Dark Peak 61.02  
VETERAN O/70        
1 Joe Garbarino Achille Ratti 77.15 Voucher
1 Kendal AC Craig Roberts, Danny Parkinson & Paul Dugdale   Vouchers
2 Ambleside Gary Thorpe, Matt Reedy & Paul Knowles    


Name Club Time Prize
1 Rebecca Robinson Kendal AC 53.08 Voucher
2 Sally Newman Calder Vale 57.57 Voucher
3 Jane Reedy Ambleside 58.23 Voucher
LADIES O/40        
1 Evelyn Dugdale Kendal AC 58.34 Voucher
LADIES O/50        
1 Wendy Dodds Kendal ACClayton 65.00 Voucher
LADIES O/60        
1 Jan Atkins Chorley Harriers 78.21  
1 Ambleside Jane Reedy, Dorothy Pelly & Carolyn Makintosh   Vouchers


Name Club Time   Name Club Time
U12 Boys       U12 Girls      
1 Neil Orr Border 11.19 1 Rosie Dale Hutton Roof 12.23
2 Thomas Taylor Kendal 11.33 2 Chloe Halhead Kendal 12.58
3 Campion Aaron Settle 12.10 3 Amy Harrison Settle 14.55
U14 Boys       U14 Girls      
1 Chris Nash Preston 20.34 1 Lucy Alderman Pendle 26.03
2 Sam Schofield Hutton Roof 23.30 2 Amy Ross Biggins KL 31.47
3 Ken Orr Border 26.09 3 Ella Hewson Barrow 31.58
U16 Boys       U16 Girls      
1       1 Melanie Hyder Helm Hill 21.21
Hutton Roof Cup : 1st Local Junior          
  Rosie Dale            

Race Report by John Dickinson

Craig Roberts wins Hutton Roof race at last!

Hutton Roof looked great on yet another sunny bank holiday Saturday. We had a bumper turnout of 241 runners in the senior race, competitors coming from far and wide with all sorts of backgrounds.

Some who’d never seen a fell race before like the 10 lads on a stag weekend from London. They stayed in Grasmere and made the groom drag a ball and chain around the course! They all finished and promised to return with families to enjoy the tea and cakes at the country fair next year.

The runners set off at a blistering pace but the strong winds meant that Mark Croasdale’s record of 43.38mins was not in danger. Craig Roberts was in the top 10 as the lead group crossed the summit of Hutton Roof. He is a very keen competitor despite having been beaten into 2nd place on so many occasions in this race. As he descended the grassy slopes back into the finish he could not believe he was still in the lead with nothing going wrong! He finished first in 48.29 leading Darren Kaye, Horwich 49.24 a previous winner of this race. In 3rd place came Tom Addison Helm Hill 50.00. I wonder how long it will be before he wins this race? Next came the Kendal duo of Danny Parkinson 50.38 and Paul Dugdale 50.40. Danny happy to follow Paul over the unfamiliar tracks on the crag before sprinting for fourth place. Gary Thorpe Ambleside 51.32 made it three veteran 40’s in the top ten.

Rebecca Robinson ran at a blistering pace to finish first Lady and 14th overall. Her time 53.08 was outside Sarah Rowell’s record but again a lot of that was down to the wind. 2nd was Sally Newman Calder Vale 57.57 and 3rd Jane Reedy Ambleside in 58.23. Evelyn Dugdale Kendal 58.34 was fourth overall and given the first LV40 prize completing a very successful day for the Dugdale Household.

We had just 25 runners in the Junior races with Melanie Hyder winning the U16G in21.21 and Lucy Alderman Pendle winning the U14G in 26.03 from Amy Ross Biggins 31.47 and Ella Hewson Barrow 31.58. Hutton Roof Harrier Rosie Dale won the U12G in 12.23; she also won the cup for the best local runner. 2nd was Chloe Halhead Kendal in 12.58 and Amy Harrison Settle in 14.55. No U16’s this year but U14B was won by Chris Nash Preston Harriers 20.34 from 2nd Sam Schofield Hutton Roof Harrier 23.30 and Ken Orr Border Harriers 26.09. The U12B race was won by Neil Orr Border Harriers 11.19, from Thomas Taylor Kendal 2nd 11.33 and Campion Aaron Settle 12.10 in 3rd place. Thanks to all who came to take part or as spectators this year, all proceeds go to the Village Hall Fund.

John Dickinson Race Organiser.


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